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Cloud Accountancy & Tax Solutions is not your typical accounting and consultancy firm. But we´ll get to that more later. First, the boring yet necessary information about us.

Founded and headed by Graeme Morris, an accountant himself with over 33 years in practice and over two decades of experience running his own firm, we specialise in cloud accounting, tax, and business advisory. Based primarily in Manchester and with offices in Blackpool and London, we serve a variety of owner-managed businesses in Manchester and across the UK, but have a particular affinity for helping businesses in the construction and property industries. 

Now, for the interesting part. We pride ourselves on being different. We´re chatty, we´re real, and we´re not afraid to tell you what you need to hear because we genuinely care about your success. This means that we are a lot more than just number-crunchers; we are invested in your business. Your goals paired with our expertise and hands-on-boots-on-the-ground approach, means that you´ll achieve what you need whether personal or business, every time.

What makes us different?

We're all about being proactive and hands-on.

We don´t wait for things to happen, we keep you ahead of the game.

We're interested in your long-term vision, not just short-term gains.

We´re invested in what you want for your business, so will always keep your goals in mind.

We build long-term relationships, rather than watching the clock.

We’re selective about who we work with because we give as much of our time that´s needed to build a partnership that yields success.

We're not about suits and formalities - we prioritise results!

We don´t hide behind stuffy professionalism, we focus on getting the job done.

As a tech-savvy firm, we're fully invested in the cloud.

We can leverage the latest tech to keep you competitive, act on your behalf, and we´ll happily adapt to any software you prefer.

We love what we do, no matter your size.

Every client gets equal enthusiasm, passion, and brutal honesty. No judgement, only encouragement and reliable guidance. 

What you see is what you get with us - we're like Marmite

While Graeme has been described as you either love him or hate him, he will always give you 100% of what you need.

You'll come for the numbers, but stay for the banter!

Graeme loves to chat and have a laugh with clients. Just beware, he´s an avid Manchester City fan!

Our Values

Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Goal Driven

Goal Driven