Build a profitable business…

…And keep the tax man's hands out of your pockets!

Your journey to Time, Mind, and Financial Freedom, starts with Cloud Accountancy & Tax Solutions.


Expert accounting solutions tailored for builders, developers, and contractors.

We know your specific challenges and goals, and can give you practical strategies to take action.


Tax planning experts and profit growth specialists.

Uniquely positioned to help you maximise profits and minimise taxes.


Opinionated, but commercial advice.

We may be brutally honest, but we´ll always give you 100% of what you need.


Fully invested in the cloud.

We are tech-savvy and adaptable to your needs, helping you work smarter, not harder.


Get the numbers you need to make smart business decisions.

Have up-to-date figures and the confidence to make informed and strategic decisions at any moment.


Gain more time, cash, and peace of mind.

Focus on what truly matters – growing your business, and achieving the freedom and balance you deserve.

Partner with an accountant who will grow with you.

Building long term relationships is our priority, so we want to know where you want your business to be in 5 or 10 years time? No matter your size, we give all our clients equal enthusiasm and encouragement. 

What we do

Stay compliant and save money

We don’t just keep the tax man happy by helping you stay compliant – we can also make YOU happy by reducing your tax dues.

At Cloud Accountancy & Tax Solutions, tax is not just a once-a-year affair.

✔️ Get tax advice when you need it
✔️ Avoid nasty surprises on your tax bill
✔️ Real-time bookkeeping so you can make smart decisions in the moment

Run your business smarter and grow faster

We don’t just crunch numbers and minimise tax – we help drive your growth by providing forward-thinking business advice.

We offer real value through our advisory services, giving you confidence and clarity.

✔️ Proactive business advice
✔️ Make confident business decisions that will impact your professional and personal life

Who we do it for



Building Companies

Grow your building business, secure wealth, and save time by outsourcing your finance function to us. 

We’ll clean up your books, handle VAT and CIS, and provide real-time cash flow insights, so you can make informed decisions and achieve your long-term goals.


Property Developers

Leverage our property and construction expertise to grow your portfolio tax-efficiently. 

We’ll streamline your processes, provide strategic guidance, and ensure your numbers are up-to-date. Focus on expanding your wealth while we handle the details and keep you accountable.




Property Investors

Maximise profits, access cash, and gain peace of mind with our property investor expertise. 

We’ll provide actionable strategies on how to extract cash and navigate tax changes (all while keeping HMRC happy). Unlock the full potential of your portfolio while staying ahead of the game.

Word on the street is...

Loren Fay
Loren Fay
Extremely responsive and always available to answer any questions or queries I may have. Very resonsable fees, with the services carried out promptly and efficiently. Thanks Graham!
Nicholas Fay
Nicholas Fay
Great accountant , very easy to spesk to and always answer the phone,very reasonable fees too,thanks graham
A Mellor
A Mellor
Whilst looking for a new accountant, we had a number of key attributes that we needed them to have. We were looking for somebody with a thorough knowledge of Quickbooks, for them to be professional and extremely responsive (we've previously had to wait days/weeks for a response to any queries). The ability to explain anything that we didn't understand in layman's terms without being patronising, together with being friendly and approachable. Cloud Accountancy & Tax Solutions Ltd are all of these things and more. We would definitely recommend this company to anybody looking for an outstanding accountancy firm.